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Income Orangeaid

Income Orangeaid has been funding our CREST Quest programme since 2013. The Crest Quest programme is a four-year, values-based student development programme that supports students’ social and emotional development and strengthens their self-confidence and resilience. 

The programme provides students the opportunities to work as a team and to step beyond their comfort zone. It comprises a series of team-based activities that involve students contributing to the betterment of the school, community and the world as they progress from Sec One to Sec Four.  

1. Sec 1 Camp 2.jpg

Sec 1 warriors trying their hands on combat archery

2. Sec 1 Camp 3.jpg

Sec 1 campers engaged in icebreaker activities

3. Sec 1 Camp 4.jpg

Brave Crestan overcoming his fear of heights through abseiling

4. S2 Camp 1.jpg

Sec 2 campers in teambuilding activities

5. S2 Camp 2 2.jpg

Sec 2 campers in the midst of a walking trail


Crestans serenading the elderly in a VIA programme


Sec 3 Crestans having a debrief session after their enriching trip to the Singapore Zoo


Sec 3 Crestans bonding with their newfound friends in Batam


Anisah showing sisterly love to the less fortunate kids in overseas service learning


Fostering communal spirit through a makan session!


Crestans looking all excited to embark on their Hanoi Service Learning and Cultural Exchange Programme!


Crestan students, teachers for the day! With wide-eyed, eager learners in Hanoi


Megan in an arts and craft session with little Vietnamese artists


Sukor and his little buddy in an origami folding session


Crestans all ready to embark on their Yangon Service Learning and Cultural Exchange Programme!


Crestans receiving their cards of love from their young Vietnam friends


Crestans involved in lantern making with their little Yangon friends


Crestans exhibiting iCrest values while teaching the orphans simple paper craft work 


Crestans gearing up for a day of rowing


Crestans in a Dragon Boating workshop, all ready to paddle!


Students ready to begin their Laser Quest Battle!


Students engaging in a quest of endurance and agility


Post examination activity: learning effective strategies at a self-management workshop. Let’s do the Marshmallow Challenge!