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Temasek Foundation Cares

Temasek Foundation Cares has been Crest Secondary School’s valued partner since 2014, providing very meaningful support for students’ learning and development, as well as our Parent Engagement efforts. They have been actively funding and supporting Crest in various school-based programs to help promote the holistic development of the youths in our school. Additionally, they have also been sponsoring Study Awards to the high achievers to provide them with affirmation and recognition of their worth.

Temasek Foundation Cares Resilience Awards and Temasek Foundation Cares ISC Study Awards recognise our students’ steadfast efforts in overcoming adversity in their personal lives and performing well in their respective vocational modules. 

1. ISC (Facility).jpg

2017 Sec 4 Recipients of the ISC Study Awards (Facility Services)

2. ISC (R).jpg

2017 Sec 3 Recipients of the ISC Study Award (Retail Services)

In 2017 and 2018, Temasek Foundation Cares will also provide bursary for our vocational internship programme.

3. IEP (Cathay 4).jpg

Crestans on their Industrial Experiential Programme (IEP)

4. IEP 2.jpg

Crestans looking all excited to begin their internship journey!

5. IEP(Giant).jpg

Kondo and Geraldine trying out as store assistants in Giant Hypermart

6. IEP (Hotel).jpg

Lawson and Zhihao looking smart in their hotel concierge uniforms

Through the years, Temasek Foundation Cares has been generously funding a wide array of Crest Parents’ Active Link (PAL) activities, which have brought the parents and guardians closer to the school and to their children’s teachers, as well as provided meaningful platforms for strengthening parent-child bonding. 

7. CrestPAL8.jpg

Parents and school staff at a ‘lohei’ session

8. CrestPAL2.jpg

Parents and teachers involved in a dialogue session


Captain’s Ball participants of Crest Family Games Evening in April 2017


Crestans, fathers and Crest Staff engaged in soccer match during Crest Family Games Evening in April 2017


Crestans and parents playing Laser Tag during Healthy Lifestyle Day in August 2016.


Crestans and parents preparing healthy meals during Healthy Lifestyle Day in August 2016.


Parents went on a Learning Journey to ITE College West in September 2015, to find out more about ITE courses offered.


Parents and kids experiencing “longkang fishing” during Farm Hopping in May 2015.