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Board of Directors

Mr Choe Peng Sum.jpg

                                                     Mr Choe Peng Sum
                                                       BOD, CEO, 
                                                     Frasers Hospitality Pte Ltd

Ms Melissa Kwee.jpg
Ms Melissa Kwee
Deputy Chairman, 
National Volunteer & Philanthrophy Centre
Ms Shermay Lee.jpg
Ms Shermay Lee
Member, BOD
CEO, Shermay's Singapore Fine Food
Dr Goh Mong Song.jpg
Dr Goh Mong Song
Member, BOD
ITE College West
Mr Heng Yew Seng.jpg
Mr Heng Yew Seng
Member, BOD
Director, Curriculum Policy Office, 
Ministry of Education

Mdm Zulaiha Yusuf.jpg
Mdm Zulaiha Yusuf,
Member, BOD
Deputy CEO,
Yayasan Mendaki (HQ)
Mr Daren Shiau.jpg
Mr Daren Shiau
Member, BOD
Allen and Gledhill LLP
Mr Damien Tan.jpg
Mr Damien Tan
Member, BOD
Vice President
DHL, Customer Solution & Innovation
Mr Victor Chia Eng Hong.jpg
Mr Victor Chia Eng Hong
Member, BOD
V3 Group Limited
Mr Ravindran Nagalingam.jpg
Mr Ravindran Nagalingam
Member, BOD
Chief Operating Officer,