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Head of Department: Mr Matthias Chua 
Subject Head (Visual Arts) : Ms Lisa Lok

Teachers :
Ms Ow Hui Keng (Subject Head/Service)
Ms Mutmainnah Bte Saidi
Mr Ian Poh 

Allied Educators:
Ms Abigail Lee 

Senior Executive (Corporate Communications):
Mr Muhammad Juffry Bin Joihani


We aim to develop the Crestan as a confident person who is able to:
1) creatively express ideas, feelings & thoughts through selected media. 
2) work with his/her team members to produce a piece of work taking into consideration the purpose, audience and context.
3) appreciate the different arts forms and their applications

Programme Overview

The design of the programme is aimed at empowering students’ transformation through the arts via a two pronged approach:
(i)  Broad-based programme - Conducted through the curriculum which consists of the following art forms, namely, music, art, dance and drama.
(ii) Depth--Conducted through the CCAs, e.g.: Pop Band, Guitar, Dance and Arts and Events Management.

This two pronged approach is designed with four components as emphasis (EPIC) in the Crest Arts:
(E) Expression of Self: An important aspect of Crest Arts programme is to encourage students to express their ideas and feelings thoughtfully through the creation of a performance or art piece.
(P) Processes & Skills: Through the arts, we hope to facilitate development of students’ ability to understand and put in place work processes and skills, such as prioritizing and planning.
(I) Inventive thinking: The design of the Crest Arts programme includes inculcating creative thinking in students to think of out of the box solutions.  
(C) Connecting with others: The programme is also crafted in such a way to instil a sense of awareness and sensitivity to their audience in the process of developing an end product  

Our signature programmes are (i) Body Movement and Dance Programme, (ii) Graffiti Art Programme, (iii) Masterclass for various arts CCAs and (iv) Learning journeys to arts venues and / or arts institution. All these are conducted to enrich the students’ experience of the arts.