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English Language

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Head of Department: Ms Daphne Koh Li Ping
Subject Head (English [1]): Ms Ruth Lim
Subject Head (English [2]): Ms Juliana Chee Pey Ling
Senior Teacher: Ms Azean bte Abdullah
Sec 1 Level Coordinator: Ms Ada Yap
Sec 2 Level Coordinator: Mrs Pamela Ho
Sec 3 Level Coordinator: Ms Juliana Chee Pey Ling
Sec 4 Level Coordinator: Ms Hannah Lee Woan Huey

Ms Mehraj Nisha D/O Mansor Khan
Ms Suriani bte Sulaiman
Ms Amy Chan
Ms Sumiate bte Hassan
Ms Rene Wu Cairu
Mr Lin Zhiliang
Mr Wong Chong Lee
Ms Hedzlyn Hazwany Binte Mohd Mahrom
Mr Daniel Yeo Wai Kong
Mr Lee Yue Heng

Senior Executive Assistant (MRL): 
Ms Nur Syafi Safirah binte Razali

Vision of the English Language Department

To develop Crestans into confident communicators who are able to:
  • express themselves coherently through speaking and writing 
  • showcase their strengths and impress others 
  • use the language meaningfully in everyday life 

To achieve our vision, we teach and demonstrate the relevance of English Language in the real world context. Students are given opportunities to hone their language skills in authentic contexts such as retail shops and hotels. Lessons are designed based on sound pedagogical theories and there is standardising of curriculum across each respective level to ensure consistency and fairness in assessment.

Crest Pedagogic Framework

To guide us in planning and the delivery of lessons, we use the CREST 7Rs pedagogic framework:
  • Create Interest (Reach)
    A variety of audio-visual stimuli, including games and texts are utilised to activate prior   knowledge and to create interest in students. 

  • Rehearse, Reinforce, Recode
    It is important to repeat certain actions to gain automaticity and similarly, we provide opportunities for students to practise with meaningful feedback provided. For cognitive  engagement, students learn to recode information and knowledge for themselves to  reinforce their learning. 

  • Experiences (Reflect)
    We show, we allow our students to experience, rather than tell. Learning journeys are an   important component of our curriculum and students also participate in Work Experience   Learning Journeys (WELJ) with partners like WingTai Asia and hotels such as Fullerton, Pan Pacific and Mandarin Oriental Singapore during the Formula 1 season. 

  • Structures (Review)
    Scaffolding is critical to allow students to attain the next level of understanding and we create structures together with students to help concretise their learning. These structures also make review more manageable. 

  • Task (Retrieve)
    Ultimately, students have a project that will allow them to utilise all that they have learnt to produce a piece of work that showcases the skills they have learnt.

Some exciting projects we have:
  • Mocktail Party 
  • Check-in@CREST 
  • Work Experience Learning Journey (WELJ) e.g. F1 WELJ 
  • News@CREST