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Info-Communications Technology

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Head of Department:  Mdm Sri Rahayu Zainal

Teachers :
Mr Lucas Teo (HOD/CCE)
Mr Daniel Choo
Ms Siti Nooratika Bte Jumaat

Senior Executive:
Mr Jeffrey Goh Chee Ming
Mr Norman Ng Chin Nan

Mr Helmy Rozaimi Bin Husaimi

Technical Support Officer:
Mr Klassen Charles Gerard

Our ICT Curriculum

The Information-Communications Technology (ICT) Department aims to equip our students with the necessary ICT skills and competencies for self-directed and collaborative learning, and to become responsible and ethical users of cyberspace.

Learning Outcomes

We aim for our  students to:
  • be confident and competent users of a variety of ICT tools for various learning purposes, such as presentations, word processing, graphics and videography 
  • be able to communicate and collaborate effectively with their peers in an ICT-enriched learning environment 
  • Be responsible and ethical users of cyberspace   

Pedagogical Approach

The primary feature of our teaching approach is the integration of the ICT curriculum with other school subjects.  
  • Example 1 – Crestans acquire word-processing skills in ICT lessons, and apply these skills to collaborate with peers on script-writing during language lessons.   
  • Example 2 – Crestans learn about basic product modelling, and apply the skills in computer-aided drawing in Mechanical Services ISC as well as to visualise surface areas of three-dimensional models in Mathematics. 

Some of the topics that we cover include:
  • Microsoft Word Processing and Google Docs 
  • Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet and Google Sheets 
  • Image editing using Pixlr and Adobe Photoshop 
  • Product modelling using Google SketchUp 
  • Video production and video editing 
  • Cyber wellness topics e.g. cyber bullying, social media etiquette, authenticity and reliability of Internet content 


At the end of the term, students are assessed based on their competencies in applying the ICT tools in an authentic learning context.