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Head of Department: Ms Suvian Tan Li Sze

Subject Heads:
Ms Liu Yunman (SH/Maths)
Mr Edwin Lim (SH/DM)
Mr Andy Lam Kum Cheong (SH/ICT)

Mr Tay Zhi Yang, Benjamin
Ms Low Chui Ling
Ms Tan Sock Mui
Mdm Tan Beng Choo
Mrs Robin Low
Ms Florence Loh Seow Wei
Mr Lim Weiming
Ms Wee Pey Woon, Sandra
Ms Ho Su Ching Eunice 
Ms Lim Xin Tian
Mr Tan Say Chong
Mr Lee Joshua
Mr Lin Yuxuan, Den
Ms Ng Geok Ling Betina
Ms Tan Bee Kiaw Evelyn 

Mathematics Curriculum

Our Mathematics curriculum aims to help students reach their academic and vocational goals in ways that are in line with their strengths, which may include spatial intelligence and logical-mathematical intelligence.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of 4 years, we hope our students will
  • be competent in foundational mathematical concepts, skills and processes;
  • be able to make connections between Math and real-life situations;
  • develop problem solving strategies and logical thinking skills;
  • experience success in applying Math in everyday life, leading to increased confidence in the  subject  and motivation to do well in it; and
  • acquire Mathematical concepts and skills that support the pursuit of post-secondary studies  and careers.

Pedagogical Approach

We aim to empower learners by scaffolding their learning appropriately, as well as by using engaging teaching strategies, which include tasks relating to authentic, real-world contexts. Selected topics are integrated with vocational modules to give students a better understanding of how Math is used in real life situations.

In order to suit students’ different learning styles and needs, we also exercise flexibility and adaptability in our teaching approaches.  


Students are assessed through a variety of assessment modes, including common tests, examinations, math journals and practical assessments.  

At the end of Sec 1, selected students are given the opportunity to offer Mathematics at the Normal (Academic) Level.