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Head of Department: Ms Suvian Tan Li Sze

Mr Kelvin Tan (HOD/Student Management)
Mr Ong Kwang Wei
Ms Foo Mei Yeng
Mrs Shilpa Sinha

Technical Support Assistant:
Ms Nuraidah Bte Kasmani

In line with our school motto, Crest’s Lower Secondary Science curriculum aims to equip Crestans with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will support their development as confident individuals who are empowered to realise their dreams.

Our Lower Secondary Science syllabus is based on MOE’s syllabus, comprising three modules spread over two years:
Module 1: Gadgets Work Wonders (I)
Module 2: Matter Around Us
Module 3: Wonders of My Body (I)

The curriculum is driven by the need for contextualisation. We strive to embed content in real-world contexts, which provide meaning and motivation, and drive the need to learn. For example, in learning about nutrition, students plan balanced meals. They also conduct a safety audit after learning about electrical safety. Contextualisation helps students appreciate the relevance and applicability of scientific knowledge and skills.

Wherever appropriate, mutually reinforcing connections are made between Science concepts and what students learn in their vocational training (e.g. electricity and Facilities Services). Students are also introduced to contemporary issues at the interface of Science, Technology and Society, such as water security, clean energy and environmental conservation.  

Assessment components include Common Tests, termly practical assessments or projects, and attitude marks. At the end of Secondary Two, selected students are given the opportunity to offer ‘N(T)’-Level Science.

Students who perform well at the end of Secondary 2, including in Science, may be selected to offer Science at Secondary 3 and Secondary 4.