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Professional Development

Head of Department : Ms Daphne Koh
Coordinator (Professional Development) : Mr Christopher Go

Our staff Professional Development (PD) approach is aligned to the Crest Teachers’ Beliefs outlined in the school’s Teaching and Learning Philosophy (TLP), with the aim of aligning our teachers’ professional practices with the school’s mission. Given that our teachers have different professional experiences and backgrounds (MOE/ITE/Direct staff), it is important that they are equipped with the necessary skills-set to scaffold the learning of Crestans and enable them to achieve the learning goals.  

Our PD approach is undergirded by our teachers’ care for students and adopting a growth mindset in their teaching. We want our teachers to not only motivate their students to believe in themselves and work hard, but also set high but realistic expectations, so that they are sufficiently challenged to push themselves to reach new learning heights

Our staff PD approach focuses on the following areas:
  1. Curriculum development 
  2. Innovative pedagogical practices, including use of ICT 
  3. Assessment methodology 
  4. Character and citizenship education, including pastoral care and career guidance and social and emotional learning 
  5. Learning needs support 
  6. Engagement of stakeholders such as parents, community and industry partners 

We make reference to Jon Saphier’s The Skillful Teacher (TST) as a guide for designing our PD content. Other learning theories we refer to include Multiple Intelligences, Learning Styles, Differentiated Instruction and Brain-based Learning. Our time-tabled PD is on alternate Thursday mornings from 7.45 AM to 9.15 AM. Additional PD sessions may be scheduled on Friday afternoons and during the school vacation.

Professional Development Activities

The pioneering school team attended the National At-Risk Education Network Conference held at Panama Beach City, Florida on 21-23 February 2012. The team also visited four local schools there. The study trip was an eye-opening experience and the team was highly inspired with new knowledge and ideas. Our visit was covered by the local news agencies.

Since then, numerous PD activities have been organised, which include twice yearly staff retreats, regular Thursday/Friday PD sessions focusing on key topics such as curriculum development, pedagogical innovations, assessment modes, classroom management and special educational needs, induction and mentoring of new staff etc. Our staff has also been recognised for their T&L innovations, such as the annual MOE Innergy Award, as well as being invited to share at national/MOE sharing and learning platforms.
Professional Development