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Physical Education

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Subject Head: Mr Mohamed Fahmee

Mr Mohammed Rohan Bin Ismail (Level Head/Student Management)
Mr Low Chuin Li (Level Head/Student Management)
Mr Go Yong Siang Christopher (Coordinator/Professional Development)
Mr Bay Siow Lon (Teacher Counsellor)
Ms Angeline Poh

The Physical Education Department offers a four-year programme for every student to learn a variety of sports skills and game concepts, which hopefully will enable them to adopt a preferred game for lifelong recreation.  

The programme aims to inculcate in students a commitment to healthy lifestyle and to improve their fitness levels. Students will learn about muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness, so that they can craft their own fitness regimes and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With an increase in fitness levels, they will be able to do well in the National Physical Fitness Award (NAPFA) and to carry out their day-to-day activities with energy and enthusiasm

Upon completion of the programme at Crest, students will acquire an understanding of movement concepts, strategies and tactics in sports and games. They will also develop as confident, resilient and versatile individuals, who are adept in sports, are good team players and exhibit sportsmanship-like behaviour.