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Parents and Students Testimonial


Enrique Markus Monteiro (Class 4-5, 2016)
"The one teacher who has really helped and supported me in discovering my talent was Miss Juliana Chee. She helped me overcome my inferior complex by encouraging me to take on any tasks or challenges that were given to me. She taught me how to be resilient and to face anything in life with a positive attitude. I really thank her for believing in me these 4 years.

I remember that I chose to come to Crest because I saw that the subjects in Crest were unique, and there was a lot of focus on hands-on lessons, even in the academic subjects. It is also the first specialised school for Normal (Technical) students.

It was not a wrong choice as I enjoyed going to school. There was always a great atmosphere where we all felt at home, and the teachers made the lessons interesting. Crest has given me many opportunities to grow, such as becoming an emcee of the school. I was part of this CCA called Arts and Events Management Club, where we were developed to be better and more confident speakers. I even had the experience to be a deejay, played a role in drama, and was one of the emcees for our school opening. In addition, I was also given the role of becoming a prefect of the school."

Nur Halif Bin Abdullah Sani (Class 4-8, 2016)
"The reason why I chose Crest as my secondary school is because I wanted to pursue my dream to become a chef. I also wanted a school that treats students fairly. I feel that Crest is able to do this for me. Throughout the 4 years, I enjoyed going to Crest because there are very fun modules where I can learn interesting things such as Food Preparation, Basic Food and Beverage Services, and ICT classes. I chose to do the ISC in Hospitality Services because I think this can bring me closer to my dream of becoming a chef.

I would say that Crest have given me a lot of opportunities. For example, I benefitted a lot through the Industry Experiential Programme (IEP). During the IEP, I worked in a kitchen and picked up many valuable skills and tips from my colleagues. Personally, I have also made a lot of mistakes in school, but the teachers always give me plenty of chances to change. My Upper Sec Form Teacher, Ms Karen Ho, is one I look up to. Whenever I have any doubt, she will be the first person I’ll ask for help, and she will never hesitate to help me. I am really thankful to be a Crest student."
Tricia Toh Hui Xian (Class 4-8, 2016)
"I chose Crest after I got my PSLE results because I felt that Crest can make me into a confident person. The way Crest teaches the students would help me gain more knowledge and improve in my studies. There were also a lot of hands-on activities in school. I was really glad to find that the teachers in Crest were kind and friendly, and I was also able to make many new friends. I can say that Crest is like my second home.

My CCA, Arts and Events Management Club, helped me a lot and built more courage in me. I was able to stand on stage to host events, be a DJ, act and even tell a story. I will always remember that I won 3rd for a story telling competition in school together with my partner, and once, my team even won the 3rd prize for a book trailer we acted at the National Schools Literature Festival! When visitors come to our school, I was one of those who brought them around as a tour guide. My teacher even brought us to Esplanade to share with tourists about the attractions in Singapore.

Other than my CCA, I was given a chance to be a trainee prefect, and was selected to be part of a team to help re-tile a school in Vietnam, Those were memorable moments for me."

Syaza Rasyiqah Binte Rashid (Class 4-4, 2016)
"I chose to come to Crest because of my primary school teacher’s recommendations. As I didn’t know much about Crest back then, I googled about the school for more details and I found out that the school offers vocational subjects. I am someone who is interested to learn about basic vocational skills, so I chose the school.

I enjoy coming to school because of the friends I have, the amazing teachers and also the interesting subjects, such as my ISC in Mechanical Servicing. I was given the opportunity to broaden my knowledge through the lessons and learnt what it means to excel.

Mr Lian, my form teacher, always supports and encourages me by giving me positive challenges. Mr Fadli, who was my Sec 3 co-form teacher, would often talk to me about my future as well. I have chosen Nursing for my ITE education, as I think it fits my personality and of course, my ambition. I look forward to a meaningful time of learning in ITE."

Ryan Ang (Class 4-4, 2016)

"I am not an academically-inclined person, so I’m not really good in my studies. However, I'm good with hands-on activities. With this in mind, I chose Crest as my secondary school. I like going to school because there is never a boring day. There is always something fun to learn every day. I also learnt a lot during my Industry Experiential Programme. One teacher who helped me discover my talent is Mr Lian, my form teacher. When I was Sec 3, Mr Lian told me that I was good in my mechanical skills. He told me that if I continue to stay focused and not get distracted, I would get an "A". I am very thankful to him.

Other than studies, one unforgettable moment was the opportunity where I got to perform on stage, showcasing my Wushu skills. I was also awarded the Sportsmanship Award for the National Interschool Badminton Championship this year."