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Industry Experiential Programme

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The IEP is a unique component of the ITE Skills Subjects Certificate where students will have to undergo 4-weeks of industrial exposure to immerse themselves in an authentic working environment. Each student will be attached to a company, where they will be able to apply technical and life skills learnt during their lessons.

They are expected to showcase health, hygiene and safety consciousness while carrying out their duties. Good work habits like proper grooming, punctuality are amongst the desired outcomes, on top of the display of understanding and basic work skills, during their IEP.

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An early exposure to the real work environment will set the expectations right and prepare them for the working life in the future. It also helps the students understand the industry that they may wish to deepen their skills when they join ITE. The IEP has boost the confidence of the students greatly, especially when they apply to ITE in Sec 4 under the ITE Early Admission Scheme. They are often able to perform very well during their interview as they shared their IEP experience.

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Many partners from a wide range of industry ranging from retail outlets, hotels, F&B outlets and engineering companies support the school and students by giving them such opportunities

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