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Hairul stood out among the rest of his peers ever since he joined Crest. He had the courage to speak his mind and was always sensible and mature in his opinions and decisions. Despite setbacks at home which would affect his sleep and peace of mind occasionally, he never gave up and attended school regularly. Always responsible and resilient, he would inform his teacher beforehand about any family commitments.

Hairul never let his personal life affect his schoolwork and could always be counted on to carry out any tasks without prompting. His strength of character and his maturity and drive to succeed in life is rare in one so young. He will no doubt continue to inspire others as he moves on in his educational journey.

In 2018, as his leadership qualities were evident, he became a Section Leader and also an EXCO member of the School Prefectorial Board. He received an EAGLES award in 2018 for outstanding leadership and service for his active contributions in the Prefectorial Board.

In 2019, he also represented the school in the IgnITE Skills Challenge. He completed his ITE Skill Certificate (ISC) in Facility Services with a perfect GPA 4.0 and is also awarded a Certificate of Merit (COM) for being an outstanding graduate. He will be receiving the Edusave Scholarship Award as well as the Edusave Skills Award for his outstanding academic as well as skills performance and achievements.

Hairul hopes to pursue off-shore engineering-related courses at ITE and move on to University eventually. Besides engineering, he is also interested in Security, Electronics and Pastry making.

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Charleston described himself as a porcupine in the past. He would be triggered by the slightest joke that his friends made. Being dyslexic, he admitted that he was a slow learner who could not read well. He felt misunderstood. But after joining Crest, he felt that he was being accepted. Teachers are more understanding and had helped to turn him around. He is now a confident student who sets clear goals for himself. He has become much calmer and has learnt to see things from different perspectives. He pursues excellence in his work, and pushes himself to do his best to achieve his goals. He has become a much happier person. 

Charleston received an EAGLES award in 2018 for outstanding leadership and service for his active contributions in New Media Club. He has always been very passionate about photography and was the photographer for various school events such as Crest Open House, Crest Immersion, and VIA at Bt Batok Home for the Aged. He also participated in events such as Canon Photo-marathon and SYF celebrations. 

The teachers at Crest who impacted him the most is Mr Kelvin Tan, who would calm him down whenever he was angry. He would explain to him patiently, joke with him and tell him that he does not have to take things too seriously at times. Besides his teachers, his seniors from his CCA, New Media Club and classmates would inspire him, set expectations for him, and encourage him to change his behaviour. They understood and accepted him so that he could open up to them gradually and eventually. 

Charleston has performed very well in 2019. He received the National Youth Achievement Silver Award (NYAA). He hopes to work towards the Gold Award when he joins ITE next year. He will also be the proud recipient of 2 Edusave Awards this year. The Edusave Scholarship and the Edusave Character Award! 

He has already secured a place at ITE EAE and has accepted a place in the Nitec in Nursing course at ITE College East. He hopes to work in a hospital and help patients recover from their illnesses. He wants to get a stable job so that his parents can enjoy life. If possible, he hopes to specialise in neurological sciences as he is interested in helping patients with dementia.

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