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About Crest

10257359_523132674462491_792795480286347891_o.jpgCrest Secondary School is a Specialised School offering a customised curriculum for students in the Normal (Technical) Stream. As a Specialised School, the school operates similar to an independent school.

The school, which is legally owned by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), is registered as a Company with Limited Guarantee with ACRA and is granted the Charity and Institution of Public Character status under the Charities Act from 2 Jan 2020 to 1 Jan 2023. It is managed by a Board of Directors chaired by Mr Wilson Tan Wee Yan and is led by Principal Mr Seet Tiat Hee.

The school is part of MOE’s West 4 Cluster of Schools.

Our Background

Crest Secondary School, a Specialised School for Normal (Technical) students, took in its first batch of Secondary One students in January 2013. First announced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the 2010 National Day Rally, the pioneering school team has selected Crest as the school’s name to underline the aspirational aim of helping every Crestan develop and rise to his/her potential, regardless of background, and to graduate as a confident individual, anchored in sound values and equipped with the skills to succeed in future learning, employment and life.

Crest’s pioneering team comprises experienced School Leaders, Heads of Department and Teachers seconded from the Ministry of Education and the Institute of Technical Education. Their decision to come on-board the school is motivated by their strong passion for working with N(T) students and making a significant difference in their lives.

Crest will offer a customized Sec One to Sec Four curriculum that integrates both academic learning and vocational training. Learning will be practice-oriented, with an emphasis on skills development to prepare students for progression to post-secondary skills training at the ITE and for employment. Industrial attachment will be an important component of the ISSC learning experience for the students, spanning about 200 hours from Sec Three to Sec Four. In addition, the school will adopt innovative pedagogies to strengthen students’ literacy and numeracy skills through real-world, ICT-enriched learning contexts.

A key cornerstone of the school’s holistic education is the approach in building students’ character, with a strong focus on values education and strengthening social and emotional competencies. The aim is to develop Crestans as well-rounded individuals, anchored in good character and equipped with useful vocational and life skills.

At the end of their four-year journey, Crestans will graduate with the GCE N(T) Level Certificate and the ITE Skills Subject Certificate (ISSC).

School Values

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Our Vision, Mission & Motto

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Our Logo

Crest Secondary School Logo.jpgThe school logo, based on the theme CREating Student Transformation (CREST), comprises of four outward expanding waves, reflecting the transformation of our students from Secondary One to Secondary Four as they grow in character (represented by the light blue waves) and attain breakthroughs in personal achievements (represented by the yellow waves). This transformation is made possible by the 'sea of opportunities' (represented by the dark blue background) that the school provides to enrich students' learning and enhance their personal growth.

(School logo designed by Mr Soo Sheng Lih)