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Authentic Learning

Authentic learning experiences allow students to learn and reinforce concepts in real-world settings, making learning more visible. The experiences listed here is just a drop in a sea of authentic learning platforms that the school has, spread across all subjects.

Escape Room

Every semester, EL teachers will conceptualise and conduct an Escape Room game that serves as a reinforcement of oracy and literacy skills taught in that semester. Every student in the level will have the chance to apply what they have learnt in that semester to ace the game.

Authentic Lunch

Modelled after a fine dining concept, this signature programme is a collaborative effort by Secondary 3 and 4 Culinary and Restaurant Operations students. Staff and partners are invited for a two-course set meal cooked by the Secondary 3 students and served by the Secondary 4 students. This allows the students to practice what they have learnt in an authentic, non-scripted environment.

Farmers Market

The Retail and E-Commerce Department organises a signature activity which is carried out every semester to encourage the Sec 4 students to apply the various retail concepts. Students put their thinking hats together as a group to create products or services that can be sold during this special event.

Shake It Up!

This dance programme provides an opportunity for every class to put up a showcase. Besides bonding the class, it also creates an opportunity for all students to have an appreciation of movement and dance, including understanding the types of body movement, work on their motor coordination and skills. This brings about creativity, imagination and visualisation, and builds on the school values of Resilience, Excellence and Teamwork.

Bubble Tea Making

During the Bubble Tea Making activity, our Crestans apply their knowledge about proportion and similar figures taught in Mathematics lessons, while learning the importance of food handling and food hygiene skills during preparation.