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Mathematics NA & NT

Name Affectionately known as Designation Email
Mdm Ong Siew Khim Mdm Ong Head of Department
Ms Goh Jia Li Ms Goh Year Head
Teacher (Maths)
Ms Ho Su Ching Eunice Ms Ho Subject Head (Maths)
Teacher (Maths)
Mr Lee Joshua Mr Joshua Subject Head
(Character and Citizenship Education)
Teacher (Maths)
Mr Pu Siang Beng Mr Pu Senior Teacher
(Student Support & Maths)
Mr Lim Kian Chuan Mr Lim
Teacher (Maths)
Mr Lim Weiming Mr Lim Teacher (Maths) lim_weiming@schools.gov.sg
Ms Ng Geok Ling Betina Ms Ng Teacher (Maths) ng_geok_ling_betina@schools.gov.sg
Ms Rachel Tan Shi Ya Ms Rachel Teacher (Maths) rachel_tan_shi_ya@schools.gov.sg
Ms Hamidah Haji Hamim Ms Hamidah Teacher (Maths) hamidah_haji_hamim@schools.gov.sg
Ms Shuhadah Binte Suleiman
Ms Shuhadah
Teacher (Maths) shuhadah@schools.gov.sg
Mr Lo Chen Yang Marvin
Mr Lo
Teacher (Maths) lo_chen_yang_marvin@schools.gov.sg
Mr Lee Tuck Suen
Mr Lee
Teacher (Maths) lee_tuck_suen@schools.gov.sg
Ms Saheeta Nisvaan
Ms Saheeta
Teacher (Maths) saheeta_nisvaan@schools.gov.sg


The Mathematics Department pedagogical framework is designed to reboot, recondition and restore Crestans’ confidence for Mathematics through positive teacher-student relationship and effective teaching strategies.


Apart from effective classroom learning activities, we structure hands-on activities into our Curriculum to allow our Crestans apply their mathematical concepts. We also do inter-departmental collaborations to let students learn about the world around them through Mathematics, and to promote the joy of learning in Crestans.

Secondary One (A Collaboration with Retail Services Department)

Math Popcorn.jpg The Popcorn Making activity allows our Crestans to understand the importance of ratio, cost and profit, while showcasing their retail service skills to promote and sell their product.

Bubble Tea Making in Secondary Two (A Collaboration with Culinary and Restaurant Operations Department)

During the Bubble Tea Making activity, our Crestans apply their knowledge about proportion and similar figures, while learning the importance of food handling and food hygiene skills during preparation. Math Bubble Tea.jpg

Learning Journey to Gardens by the Bay in Secondary Two (A Collaboration with English Department)

Learning Journey to Garden by the Bay.jpg Students make measurements and apply their mathematical concepts to see the world through the mathematical lens. For example, they measure the radii and circumference of circles, then compare the calculated circumference against the measured circumference.

Learning Journey to Singapore Zoo in Secondary Three (A Collaboration with English Department)

Math Learning JourneyToZoo.jpg Students collect mathematical data and use them to explain worldly phenomenon. For example, they compare the rate at which Rhinoceros are going extinct by comparing the numbers of these animals poached over the years.
At the end of the four year course, Crestans experience the fun in learning Math, and are equipped with the knowledge and skills for further Mathematical pursuits. They will also possess the necessary mathematical life-skills to make good decisions in life, in areas such as making sound financial choices and improved time management.