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InfoComm Technology

Teachers Affectionately
known as
Designation Email
Mr Andy Lam Kum Cheong Mr Lam Head of Department
(InfoComm Technology, ICT)
Mr Lin Yuxuan, Den Mr Lin Subject Head
Teacher (Science)
Ms Siti Nooratika Binte Jumaat Ms Atika Teacher
Mr James Pek Mr James Senior Officer
Mr Klassen Charles Gerard Mr Charles Technical Support Officer (AV & ICT) klassen_charles_gerard@schools.gov.sg


ICT photo 2.jpg Our department aims to empower Crestans with useful ICT skills upon completion of our syllabus. The software and basic ICT skills taught in our lessons enable them to be proficient in the leading software that are commonly used among companies. This will empower them to have transferable skills to excel in their jobs in the future, built upon a strong ICT foundation here in Crest.


ICT curriculum in Crest Secondary School involves these software:

  • Google Workspace
  • Photopea
  • Clipchamp

Google Workspace comprises of tools such as Google Doc, Sheet and Slides. These software allow for content creation and collaboration easily. Students will be able to use these leading collaborative tools to create and share with peers for them to edit in real time. At the same time, these tools allow for office productivity whenever needed.

Photopea and Clipchamp seek to explore the creativity of our students through photo editing as well as movie-making respectively. These software will equip our students with the skills which will serve them well in the future. They can also use the software for their personal media creation and expression.
ICT photo 1.jpeg

More than just technical skills

ICT photo 3.jpg Though the learning of the skills in using these software is important, we ensure that students know the soft skills that come with it as well. They will be taught to see the objectives of a piece of work, plan what they need and to know how to find help should they need it. The peripheral basic ICT skills will also be taught while attempting mini projects using those software. As mentioned earlier, we seek to empower our students to be better contributors to society through technical skills as well as the soft skills.