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Mobile Web Applications

Name Affectionately
known as
Designation Email
Ms Chan Ying Hui Ms Chan Subject Head
(Mobile Web Applications, MWA)
Mr Osman Farouk S/O Hassan Mohamed Mr Farouk Teacher (MWA) osman_farouk@schools.gov.sg
Mr Helmy Rozaimi Bin Husaimi Mr Helmy Teacher (MWA) helmy_rozaimi_husaimi@schools.gov.sg
Mr Jonathan Tsang Mr Jonathan Allied Educator T&L (MWA & IoTA) jonathan_tsang_yim_ting@schools.gov.sg


Mobile Web Applications (MWA) is one of the 5 ITE Skills Subjects (ISS) offered to Secondary 3 and 4 students in Crest Secondary School. When students select this subject as one of the two Skills Subjects to study, they will learn to create interactive and responsive websites, using tools such as HTML and Javascript. In the process of creating those websites, students will need to learn how to edit photos and create short video clips to add to their websites. We have strategically placed the learning of these skills in Secondary 2 and 3, using industry-leading software Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premier. This will allow our students to learn MWA, armed with the acquired ICT skills, in a more focused and fruitful manner.

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Prior to choosing MWA, students get to decide if this subject is suitable for them. They will have compulsory taster modules relating to MWA in Secondary 1 and 2. The details of the 2 MWA relevant taster modules are as shown below.

Taster Modules

Taster Module Description
Input to Output (I2O) This module is taught in Secondary 1. In this module, students learn the fundamentals of coding such as using variables and conditional statements. This will come in especially useful if students were to learn Javascript.
Every Crestan Can Code (ECCC) This module will be taught in Secondary 2. In this module, students will be exposed to HTML, where it is the main language used to create websites. Students will learn the fundamentals of HTML that allow them to appreciate the structure of a typical webpage

taster module.jpg blocks.jpg
Taster modules will give students an idea of what MWA will be like in Upper Secondary if they were to select for this course. MWA promotes logical and computational thinking, very useful skills that are transferable to any type of industry and job. Students get to hone those skillsets which will empower them to be valued contributors to any job and company.

SYNOPSIS OF Mobile Web Applications (MWA)

Input to Output (I2O)
(Taster Module for Sec 1)
Every Crestan Can Code
(Taster Module for Sec 2)
Mobile Web Applications
(ISSC subject for Sec 3 & 4)
Understanding logical and computational thinking skills through intuitive and fun Block-Based coding. Understanding the concept of webpage design and its framework. Students learn the different parts of a webpage and use it to display interactive content. Students get to strengthen their logical and computational thinking Create a user-friendly and creative design on a mobile web platform that is both attractive and responsive
Creating practical real-life applications using Block-based coding to appreciate computer programming Creating static/responsive webpage using HTML & CSS. Based on design needs, to create a rich and interactive user interface to enable effective web applications to support user transactions.
Students get to understand how coding is used to control "behaviour" and "actions" of software and hardware Design and creates a small scale Mobile Web Applications project from needs analysis to testing and deployment. The application will be deployed to different platforms and devices.