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Retail & E-Commerce

Name Affectionately
known as
Designation Email
Mr Lee Ching Yong
Mr Lee
Head of Department
(Culinary Restaurant Operations, CRO)
(Retail & E-Commerce, REC)
Mr Ng Wee Kee Mr Ng Teacher (ReC) ng_wee_kee@schools.gov.sg
Ms Tan Farah Imran Ms Farah Teacher (ReC) tan_farah_imran@schools.gov.sg
Ms Chan Mei Lian Ms Chan Teacher (ReC) chan_mei_lian@schools.gov.sg
Mr Chua Choon Hiong Mr Chua Teacher (ReC) chua_choon_hiong@schools.gov.sg
Ms Khairiah Binti Jaafar Ms Khairiah Teacher (ReC) khairiah_jaafar@schools.gov.sg
Mr Chew Ming Zhe Zack Mr Zack Allied Educator (ReC) chew_ming_zhe_zack@schools.gov.sg
Ms Fateha Binte Hashim Ms Fateha Technical Support Officer (ReC) Nurul_fateha_Hashim@schools.gov.sg


Retail & eCommerce (REC) is one of the 5 ITE Skills Subjects (ISS) offered to Secondary 3 and 4 students in Crest Secondary School. When students select this subject as one of the two Skills Subjects to study, they will learn about the emerging trends of the retail landscape, especially the growth of e-commerce and new methods of shopping. In this subject, students will learn to perform retail selling using both on-site and online shops. They will learn to produce promotional collaterals and brochures, handle logistics in inventory control, and display merchandise.
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In order for the students to discover if they are suitable and have an interest in this subject, they will be exposed to compulsory taster modules in Secondary 1 and 2. Details of the taster modules are as shown below.

Taster Modules

Taster Module Description
Fabulous Merchandise Display This module is taught in Secondary 1. In this module, students will learn about basic retail concepts and trends in e-retailing. They will also create attractive retail displays and observe workplace safety and hygiene.
Service With A Smile This module is taught in Secondary 2. In this module, students will learn to apply essential service standards and concepts that can enhance their communication and presentation skills to make a real difference in the community and the world.

ISSC-001.jpg ISSC-006.jpg
The taster modules will give students an idea of what REC will be like in Upper Secondary if they are to select this subject. REC teaches flat lay photography where students can display their creativity in the art of visual display. Such skills are currently sought after in the social media field and students are also taught research skills. Students will also learn to apply essential service standards and concepts that can enhance their communication and presentation skills to make a real difference in the community. Most importantly, the taster modules will help the students recognise their strengths and interests so that they can make an informed choice of what ISS to specialise in when they reach Sec 3.


Breakfast with Oldies at All Saints Home

ASH 1.jpg ASH 3.jpg
With conviction, passion and perseverance, anyone can be empowered to make a difference. The Retail Students at Crest took up the challenge by organising a simple affair that is usually carried out during Customer Service or Basic Retail Operation. Students learn to prepare breakfast and plan games to serve the old folks from All Saints Home.


Hamper Dedication for ICA Frontliners by Sec 4s

GW 1.jpg
Since the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, ICA officers working at the borders - Immigration and Checkpoints authority have been going above and beyond to ensure the nation’s safety. Crest students who specialised in Retail Services explored various ways to show their gratitude to these frontliners of their fight against the virus. These students were taught to wrap hampers and flower arrangements as a token of appreciation for ICA front-liners who are protecting our homeland against Covid-19.
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IgniteSkills 2.jpg Ignite Skills 3.jpg Ignite Skill 4.jpg

Words like ‘big data analytics’ and ‘drone technology’ might be daunting to most youths. However this is not the case for the participants of the IgnITE Skills Challenge 2019.The competition which was organised by the Institute Technical of Education (ITE) and supported by the Ministry of Education (MOE), is the only competition which assesses the skills of students who are in the Normal streams. In this 4th edition of the competition, more than 1,800 students took part. This is a significant increase in numbers as compared to previous years.

Crest Secondary School (CSS) emerged as the overall champion this year. Two teams from CSS attained the top positions in two categories. Team ‘J.A.S’ won the Retail Pop-Up challenge while another team, T.X.T., won the challenge for Social Media Retailing.

The Retail Pop-Up Challenge gives the participants the opportunity to create a sale market based on the theme provided. They would also be required to create advertisement resources and a social media account to promote their products via online platforms and though a physical store. Every group is provided with a pushcart for them to decorate with their sales products.

Through this challenge, participants would be able to identify the amount of information required to understand the theme provided. On top of that, they would also better understand concepts such as promotion, business and product marketing through social media.

Ignite Skills 5.jpg Ignite Skills 6.jpg Ignite Skills 7.jpg


FM 4.jpg FM3.jpg CS 3 - Serving Customers.jpeg

At Crest Secondary School , the Retail Department organise a signature activity which is carried out every semester to encourage the Sec 4 students apply the various retail concepts . Students put their thinking hats together as a group to create products or services that can be sold during this special event.

Click here to watch our Signature activities@Retail -Farmers Market

POS 1.jpeg MD 5.jpg POS 2.jpeg


Fabulous Merchandise Display
(Taster Modules)
Service With A Smile (Taster Modules) Retail & e-Commerce (ISSC subject)
Understanding Basic Retail Concepts
- Retail and its Importance in Singapore
- Retail Distribution Methods
Identify sectors in the service industry:
- Accommodation
- Food & Beverage
- Travel Agents
- Attractions
- Retail
- Transportation
- MICE (Events)
- Support Services
Work safely by observing good personal hygiene, safety and housekeeping rules according to the latest WSH regulations
- Retail Display Fixtures and Equipment
- Workplace Safety and Hygiene
Define ‘hospitality industry’
- Give examples of types of accommodation
- List departments in a hotel
- Describe roles and duties of hotel employees
- Name different types of F&B outlets
Introduce the retail business environment; e.g Brick & Mortar / E-Retail Develop basic functional skills and knowledge in a variety of retail store scenarios;
- Definition of E-Retailing
- Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Retailing
- Use of Social Media for Retailers
- Trends in E-Retailing
- Online Merchandise Display
- Flatlay Photography
Services in the MICE, Retail and Support Services Industries Develop the ability to perform service-related skills in providing basic customer service, problem-solving and communicating effectively Develop skills in creativity and design in producing promotional collaterals with e-commerce as a backdrop;
Providing Excellent Service
- Attributes of an Excellent Service Professionals
Perform service recovery and after develop the ability to perform service-related skills in providing basic customer service, problem-solving and communicating effectively
Display professional grooming providing Excellent Service
- Attributes of an Excellent Service Professionals postures in a service setting such as Standing, Sitting & Handling of items to a customer.
Display knowledge of professional service language (including verbal & non-verbal) in customer interactions
Handle and process a variety of cash and cashless payment systems.
Fill up delivery note for online order completely and accurately
Develop students’ interest in a post-secondary retail and business-based education.