Covid-19 Vaccination for Students

MOE is commencing COVID-19 vaccination for students in schools and Institutes of Higher Learning as part of the national vaccination exercise.  Please click HERE to find out more.

Phase 2 (Heightened Alert): Further Strengthening of SMMs in Schools

In alignment with Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), schools will be further strengthening their Safe Management Measures (SMMs) effective from 17 May 2021. Please click on the link to learn more.

June Holidays Travel Advisory and Travel Declarations

For Staff

For staff, all requests for travel overseas (i.e. inclusive of countries that are permitted under the prevailing MOH’s travel advisory) must be discussed with and approved by Principal before travel arrangements are made. Failure to do so may have disciplinary consequences. In addition, for staff who intend to travel to countries/regions not permitted under the prevailing MOH’s travel advisory, requests would be escalated to our Superintendent.


We would appreciate it if all staff can use this link from 10 May 2021 to submit your travel declaration (including nil returns) by latest 21 May 2021 : Any queries on staff travel declaration, you may direct to Head HR, Marina.


For Students

The school will be collecting travel declarations from students who intend to travel, from 10 May 2021 (Mon) and to submit by latest 21 May 2021. (Note: Nil returns not required i.e. those students not travelling need not submit a travel declaration).

A PG announcement will be sent on 10 May 2021 with the travel advisory as attached. Those without PG will be sent an SMS on 10 May to request them to refer to the school website for the announcement/travel advisory. If hardcopies are needed for those without PG, the hardcopy letter is attached for your use.

While school do not need to discourage International Students (IS) against June-holiday travel plans, it is important to explain the risks related to travelling out of Singapore. IS who are travelling out of Singapore should be reminded to apply for entry approval to return to Singapore via the Safe Travel Office (STO) online portal ( There are only 5 IS in our school (3 Sec 1 and 2 Sec 4 students). FTs of these students, please check in with Head Student Admin, Siu Yuen, if there is a need for these students to travel.

As schools should have the collated travel data ready on-hand to submit the information anytime to MOE HQ for the June Holidays, we hope that staff and students will abide by the deadline given (21 May 2021) for their respective submission.


Updates on TraceTogether-only SafeEntry

From 1 June 2021 onwards, TraceTogether-only SafeEntry (ToS) will be implemented at all venues requiring SafeEntry (SE), including shopping malls, workplaces, places of worships and educational institutions. You may like to see the ST press report that has just been out : 

Impact on Students

There will be no change to the policy on using TT App/Token in schools :

a. Schools continue to mark students’ attendance via Attendance Taking App on SC Mobile.

b. Schools should strongly encourage parents to remind their child/ward to bring their TT App/Token to school, but no student would be denied entry without the TT App/Token

c. For activities outside school that require TT App/Token (e.g. in museums), schools should check that students are carrying the TT App/Token before departing so as to facilitate entry into the location.

d. For activities in school during the school holidays, schools should strongly encourage parents to remind their child/ward to bring their TT App/Token for effective contact tracing. 

To reassure parents that there will not be any change to our policy that affects their child/ward, a PG note to parents would be sent out centrally today. The contents of the note have been attached for your information.

Preparation of Students to bring TT Tokens to school

Our school has already started to prepare our students to ensure that they have the TT tokens : Physical check for TT Tokens for students was conducted on 12 Apr and the second physical check will be done on Mon 26 Apr Ohana period. As schools are strongly encouraged to conduct school-wide personalisation of TT tokens, we will be providing permanent markers to Form Teachers to request all students to write their name/class on their TT tokens so as to facilitate the returning of the tokens to the rightful owners. All FTs are to retrieve 2 permanent markers in their pigeon hole and ensure all students’ TT tokens are written with their name/class on 26 Apr when FTs do a physical check of TT tokens. YHs will monitor to ensure all students have a personalized TT tokens. We also hope the FTs will educate students to be responsible and to take good care of the TT tokens issued to them.

 Management of Lost and Found TT Tokens.

TT tokens found in school should be handed over to the Admin Office immediately. Students who have lost their tokens should try to find their misplaced TT tokens from school’s lost and found, hence the personalisation of tokens would help to facilitate the recovery process. Students who are still unable to recover their tokens from school’s lost and found should proceed to a Community Centre to report the loss and to get a replacement as soon as possible.

 Impact on Staff/Visitors

From 1 June 2021 onwards, staff and visitors will be required to use TT App/Tokens to do SE check-ins. To prepare for this change, our school is already able to accept both TT App and TT Token check-ins. We will also be arranging for SE Gateway (SEGW) devices to facilitate check in.

We noted that currently not all staff is doing the SE check-in. To prepare for 1 June, we hope that staff will develop the habit of doing the SE check-in through your TT app or token when you arrive in school. For the TT app, you may wish to set Crest Secondary School as a favourite to do the check in.

MOE HQ will provide further updates on SafeEntry requirements for students during the school holidays in due course. 

Thank you for your support and understanding in keeping our school a safe environment for all.



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