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Sec 1 Parents Dialogue 2023

Relaxation of the Safe Management Measures

Dear Parents/Guardians,
With further relaxation of the Safe Management Measures announced on 24 August, mask-wearing will be optional in both indoor and outdoor settings with effect from 29 August. These changes apply to MOE schools as well. However, please remind your child that it is still mandatory to put on his/her mask if he/she takes the public transport. (Note: For the morning shuttle bus and bus transport arranged by the school (e.g. for Learning Journeys, etc.), wearing of mask by students is optional).

As we strive towards living with COVID, let us continue to practise good personal hygiene and exercise social responsibility. Together, we can make the school a safer place for all students.  

Thank you for your partnership.

Conversations with Your Teens by HPB

Colour vision screening for Sec 1 students in Student Health Centre (SHC)

Subject-Based Banding Info for Parents

Resources for Parents

1. Equip Parents Series 1
- Designing a better Reality to Fight Games Addiction

2. Equip Parents Series 3
- EF e-book
Equip Parents Series 3 Exec-Function-e-book.pdf
- Home as an ideal space for strengthening EF
Equip Parents Series 3 Home as An Ideal Space for Strengthening EF.pdf
- Morning Evening Routine Checklist
Equip Parents Series 3 Morning Evening Routine Checklist.pdf

Handbrake Requirement for Bicycles

Dear parent/guardian,  
Over the past few years, we have seen an increase in the number of people using bicycles as a mode of transport or for leisure, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. This may include students who cycle to and from school, or during the weekends with friends and families. Some of these students who cycle may be fixie enthusiasts. Fixies, also known as fixed-gear bicycles, generally do not have hand-operated brakes, but instead, rely on the rider’s pedal resistance to stop. This makes it challenging for riders to brake quickly, endangering themselves and other path and road users.  
To improve safety, from 1 September 2021, all bicycles are ridden on public paths and roads must have at least one functioning handbrake.  

Please see LTA’s Facebook post and poster on this new rule for your information.   We also wish to inform parents that students may only be allowed to cycle to school with their parents’ knowledge through a parents’ advisory note. Students who cycle to school should also wear protective gear, such as a helmet, and have a bicycle lock to secure their bicycles at the bicycle racks.  

LTA handbrake requirements for bicycles_web.pdf

Thank you.

Resource Kit - Experiencing Blended Learning BL with Our Children

Mental Health & Hygiene Resources

Topic AreaDescriptionDocument Link
Mental Well-being Stay Strong with these 5 parenting tips.   
Here are 5 tips to help you get back to the essentials that will help you navigate these bumpy times.
Transitioning Back to School
 As our children gradually return to school, we might find ourselves in our period of adaptation. Here is a handy kit to best help our children as they gradually return to school.
StayWell#families stay healthy  
Hygiene Practise Good Hygiene
 Add a touch of style to hand washing with soap and water with our handwashing guide. 

How Germs Spread
 A gentle reminder to practice hand hygiene to wash our hands regularly to break the chain of infection

Video on how do germs spread: 

Parent Gateway

  • Access all your official school announcements and forms at your fingertips.
  • Give consent for your child's activities anytime, anywhere.
  • Receive official announcements directly from schools.
  • Keep track of upcoming activities for multiple children.

Who can access Parents Gateway?
Access to Parents Gateway is granted to parents, legal guardians and authorised caregivers of students studying in MOE schools in Singapore. Parents will need to use SingPass to access Parents Gateway.

My child’s details in Parents Gateway are missing or incorrect.
Parents need to approach the child's/children’s school to update his/her particulars in the MOE School Records System. Please note that the school may require certain documents for the necessary verification.

How will I be notified if the school has sent an Announcement/Form on Parents Gateway?
A push notification and/or email notification will provide the alert, if both have been enabled on the phone and in the Parents Gateway app settings.

Mental Health & Nutrition Resources

Topic AreaDescriptionDocument Link
Mental HealthStay Well To Stay Strong
 Here are some useful resources that can help you relax, destress and stay positive through it all. When we face challenging situations, it can help to talk to someone who can provide a listening ear and offer you a different perspective.

Journey to become a better supporter
 As we weather through COVID-19, there are surely times where we would feel overwhelmed. Join us through an experiential journey on how you can best navigate check in conversations 

StayWell#families stay healthy



NutritionQuarter, Quarter, Half (30 seconds song)
 Nutrition plays such a big role in our development. My Healthy Plate is an easy-to-understand visual guide designed by Health Promotion to help you to eat healthier, manage your weight, ward off chronic diseases and stay happy and healthy.

Parent Communication Guidelines

Our Guiding Principles

● We strive to work with our parents for the holistic development and positive well-being of our students.

● We aim to engage parents as partners to develop our students into confident and caring individuals, equipping them with essential life skills, communication skills and knowledge for the future world.

● We aim to balance our teachers’ workload in partnering parents with our core professional duties, particularly in teaching and learning.

Communication Guidelines

1. Crest Secondary School’s official modes of communication with parents comprise the following:

School Phone (Admin Office)


School Email


School Mailing Address

561 Jurong East St 24 Singapore 609561

School Website


Parents Gateway


Students’ Handbook

Soft copy is found in the school website

2. For general enquiries, please contact the Admin Office at 6899 2779 or email info@crestsec.edu.sg, our Administration Staff would be glad to assist you. If there are any urgent messages during school hours, we advise parents to contact the Admin Office, as teachers may have lessons or engage in other official duties.

3. To ensure quality time for our teachers to rest and recharge, we seek the kind cooperation of parents to limit communication with teachers within school operating hours (7.30 am to 5.30 pm) on working weekdays and during school term. Teachers are not expected to respond to parents’ and/or students’ queries after school operating hours, during weekends and on school and public holidays, though this can be on a case-by-case basis, depending on the urgency of the matter.

4. Please note that teachers are not obliged to share their personal phone numbers to parents or students. Parents may wish to discuss with your child’s teacher what his/her preferred mode of communication is.

5. Parents may expect to receive a response to their email queries within 3 working days. Our staff’s email addresses are available on the school website.

6. If parents wish to meet our teachers face-to-face or virtually kindly email the teacher(s) or contact the Admin Office to make an appointment in advance, to minimize disruption to teachers’ teaching duties and avoid wait time.

You can click here to access the email addresses of form teachers for all levels.