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Our School Song

Our heartbeat "I Know I Can"

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Verse 1:
I have found a place
Where my heart is free to dream
It's here that I belong
Where strength rises from within
All the things I hope for
They're mine to strive for
I'll rise up to the challenge
To turn my dreams into reality

I know I can
I'm reaching high
To touch the sky
I'm not afraid to try
To realise my dreams
Upon this Crest
I'll do my best
To be all that I was meant to be
I'll shout it to the world
I know I can

Verse 2:
The road will not be easy
But no matter how long it seems
I'll just keep walking on
I'll never give up on my dreams
There'll always be a helping hand
And someone who will be a friend
In this place that feels like home
I know I'll never have to walk alone

(Chorus x 2)

Composed By
Mr Adrian Tay and Mr Matthias Chua