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Crest PAL

Crest PAL is the Parent Support Group (PSG) of Crest, ‘PAL’ stands for “Parents’ Active Link”. Through Crest PAL, we aim to bring parents together, support one another on the journey of parenting, and work with our teachers to support the children’s education. All our students’ parents/guardians are part of the Crest PAL community.

The school works with the Crest PAL EXCO to organize activities for all parents such as parents’ dialogues with school leaders on matters related to their children’s education and parenting workshops. Other activities include learning journeys, sports and games to promote parent-child interaction and bonding. For the past three years, we have organized a wide variety of activities including laser tag, archery tag, soccer, bowling, Frisbee, cooking, baking, pizza making, BBQ, learning journeys to NEWater visitor centre and farms etc.

We also welcome parents to participate in some of our major school events and Crest PAL events as volunteers.