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Partnership Approach

Crest Secondary School offers a curriculum that emphasizes skills-based and practice-oriented learning, with a substantial component in vocational training. Given the importance of the vocational curriculum and our students’ character development, the school is collaborating with partners across the public, private and people sectors to harness community resources that support the all-round development of our students. In particular, the school’s collaboration with private sector partners enables our teachers to develop a vocational curriculum that is skills-relevant and workplace-specific, and to provide internship opportunities as part of our students’ ISC training. The school also benefits from collaborating with partners in the people sector, such as the voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) and grassroots organisations (GROs), to support the social and emotional needs of our students. The school’s partnership framework involving partners from the public, private and people sectors is shown below:

School Partners.png

The primary objectives of our collaboration with partners are to:

    1. Build synergistic partnerships that lead to mutually beneficial benefits for our school and partners;
    2. Create internship opportunities for our students to participate in authentic work experiences and to develop them as well-skilled employees for the workplace;
    3. Guide our students in making informed career choices that are aligned to their aptitude and passion through study visits to relevant industries;
    4. Foster holistic development of our students, in particular developing character and leadership competencies;
    5. Support needy students; and
    6. Imbue in students the mindset of “paying it forward”.

Apart from benefiting from the support of partners, it is important that our students develop an attitude of gratitude and a desire of wanting to “pay it forward”. The school will explore opportunities to enable our students to contribute their talents and services e.g. vocational skills to the local community and beyond.