Welcome to Crest!

Here's what you can expect upon enrolling to our school.

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Information for New Secondary 1 Students

Congratulations on being accepted into Crest Secondary School. Please be informed that you will need to report to school on 3 January 2023 (Tuesday) by 7:45am. There will be direction signs, staff and student leaders around to guide you.

Start Right Programme (Orientation):
Dates: 3 to 5 January 2023 (Tuesday to Thursday)
Time: 7:45am to 12:15pm

Crest School Uniform with plain black socks and shoes

Things to bring:
Writing materials, water bottle and a storybook

Subject-based banding (SBB) Briefing

There will be a briefing on SBB for students who are eligible. Parents will be contacted through SMS with further details.

Bus Routes

There are free one-way shuttle buses to ferry students to Crest Secondary School in the morning. To find out more information on the 3 bus routes, please click the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions on Crest Secondary School (CSS)

1) Why is CSS set up as a Specialised School for Normal (Technical) students?
MOE is committed to supporting the learning needs of N(T) students. The establishment of CSS complements MOE’s on-going efforts in providing N(T) students with an engaging learning experience, such as an N(T) curriculum that emphasises the building of students’ self-motivation and self-esteem, character development, and literacy and numeracy skills. As a Specialised School for N(T) students, CSS offers a customised four-year N(T) curriculum that integrates both academic learning and vocational training to provide students with skills-based, practice-oriented learning experiences. In addition, Character and Citizenship Education undergirds CSS’ holistic education approach, with a strong focus on values education and social and emotional learning to prepare students for future learning, employment and adulthood.

2) What is the curriculum offered at CSS?
CSS offers both N(T) subjects and the ITE Skills Subject Certificate (ISSC). At lower secondary, students will be exposed to the 5 ITE Skills Subjects by way of Taster Modules. This will allow them to enjoy the range of skills options while allowing them to discover the interest and aptitude for each area before they select 2 subjects to specialise in at upper secondary. To support the learning of our higher ability students, the school may offer English Language Mathematics and/or Mother Tongue Language at the N(A) level to these students, starting from Sec 1, if they meet the school’s eligibility criteria.

3) How are students assessed at CSS?
CSS adopts a skills-based, formative assessment approach to scaffold students’ learning and enable them to achieve the learning goals. Continual assessment, such as practice-based assessment, constitutes a major component of the overall assessment of students’ performance across subjects. For Taster Modules, students will sit for an end-of-module assessment at the end of each semester. In addition, students will sit for the End-of-Year Assessments for academic subjects.

4) What qualifications will CSS students graduate with?
CSS students will graduate at Sec 4 with the GCE ‘N(T)’ Level Certificate in English Language, Mathematics and Basic Mother Tongue (and Science for some students) and the ITE Skills Subjects Certificate (ISSC). With these qualifications, CSS students can apply for Nitec courses at any of the three Institute of Technical Education (ITE) colleges.
Sec 4 students with special talent and skills aptitude e.g. sports, performing arts, technical & vocational skills may apply to ITE for early admission to their preferred Nitec courses via the ITE Early Admission Exercise, prior to the release of the GCE ‘N’ Level Examination results.

5) What Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) does CSS offer?

Sports & Games
Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Floorball, Football
Arts & Events Management, Dance, Guitar, Pop Band, Visual Arts
Entrepreneurship Club, Innovation Club, Explorer’s Club, New Media Club, Service Club
Uniformed Groups
Scouts, Girl Guide

6. What are the criteria for student admission into CSS?
All P6 N(T) and N(A)/N(T) eligible students may apply for admission to CSS. The school will evaluate each applicant carefully, taking into consideration the student’s potential to benefit from its skills-based, practice-oriented curriculum. All P6 N(T) and N(A)/N(T) eligible students will receive a letter inviting them to apply for admission into CSS when they receive their PSLE results from their primary school.

7. When must the application form for admission to Crest Secondary School be submitted to the school?
As a Specialised School for N(T) students, Crest Secondary School does not participate in MOE’s S1 Posting Exercise. Interested P6 N(T) and N(A)/N(T) eligible students may submit their application to Crest Secondary School during the Pre-Registration Exercise. You may scan and email the application form to info@crestsec.edu.sg or by hand to the Admin Office (More details will be spelt out in the Invitation Letter for students who qualify for Sec 1 NT course 2023 when you receive your PSLE results). The deadline of the application is on 29 November 2022 (Tuesday) 3 P.M. We advise parents/students to submit the application form early. The school will evaluate each applicant carefully, taking into consideration the student’s potential to benefit from its skills-based, practice- oriented curriculum.

8. Does CSS offer financial assistance to needy students?
Singapore Citizen students may apply for MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (MOE-FAS) if they meet the gross household income or per capital income criteria. The MOE-FAS provides needy students with free school textbooks and stationery, school uniform and vocational attire, shoes and socks, waiver of school and standard miscellaneous fees, and daily school meal and transport subsidies. Students can approach the school’s Administration Office for a MOE-FAS application form or download the application from the website. Needy students who do not meet the eligibility criteria for MOE FAS may be considered for the School-Based FAS. Approval will be given on a case-by-case basis.

9. Does CSS provide bus shuttle service for students?
Yes, CSS will provide free one-way morning bus shuttle services for students. The three bus shuttle service routes to CSS are from Chua Chu Kang Drive/Yew Tee (Route A), Jurong West/ Pioneer Road North (Route B) and Commonwealth/Clementi (Route C) respectively. Please refer to the insert in the brochure distributed to P6 Foundation students for details of the bus shuttle services.

10. What are the school hours at CSS?
The school hours in 2023 are as follows:

Day Reporting
Dismissal (Sec 1) Dismissal (Sec 2) Dismissal (Sec 3) Dismissal (Sec 4)
Monday 7.55am 3:15pm 3:15pm 3:15pm 3:15pm
Tuesday 7.55am 2:45pm 2:45pm 3:15pm 3:15pm
Wednesday 7.55am 2:45pm 2:45pm 2:45pm 2:45pm
Thursday 7.55am 2:45pm 2:45pm 3:15pm 3:15pm
Friday 7.55am 12:45pm 12:45pm 12:45pm 12:45pm
Note: These dismissal times will only commence from 9 January 2023 (Monday) onwards.

11. What are the progression pathways after Crest?
As our students study the ITE Skills Subjects, it will provide them with a skills and aptitude advantage when they apply to ITE under the Early Admission Scheme as they will have developed their foundation skills for many Nitec courses at Crest.
Students in Crest specialises in 2 ITE Skills Subjects (which will be equivalent to 2 NT passes). This means that they will be equipped with vocational and technical skills advantage when they apply to ITE under the ITE Early Admission Scheme. They will be able to apply to a wide range of related Nitec courses in ITE if they meet the respective entry requirements. More than 90% of our graduated students can progress to ITE for a skills course at the Nitec level. From there, depending on how well they perform, many will be able to progress to a Diploma or Higher Nitec programme at ITE or a Polytechnic.

For further queries, please contact Crest Secondary School at:
Contact Person :
Ms Alarize Soo-Hoo, Senior Executive (Administration)
Ms Lee Siu Yuen, Head (Administration)
School Address : 561 Jurong East Street 24 Singapore 609561 Tel : 6899 2779