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Crest PAL

CRESTPAL.jpg Crest PAL is the Parent Support Group (PSG) of Crest, ‘PAL’ stands for ‘Parents’ Active Link’, and as our name suggests, we aim to bring parents together, support one another on the journey of parenting, and work with our teachers to support their children’s education. All our students’ parents/guardians are part of the Crest PAL community.

The school works with the Crest PAL ExCo to organize activities for all parents such as parents’ dialogues and parenting workshops. Other activities include learning journeys, as well as sports and games to promote parent-child interaction and bonding. Some examples include laser tag, archery tag, soccer, bowling, cooking, baking, pizza making, learning journeys to farms etc.

Over the years, we have parents who volunteer actively in our school events, such as the Education and Career Guidance (ECG) fair, Open House and Cross Country Run. We certainly welcome more parents to join us!

Crest PAL Farm LJ 2019.jpg
Crest staff and supportive parents during Open House 2019
Crest PAL EXCO 2019.jpg
Crest PAL ExCo and Crest staff during Authentic Lunch 2019
Chairman – Ms Celestine Lau

vice chairman sec 2.jpg
Vice Chairman – Ms Rachel Tan
vice chairman sec 3.jpg
Chairman – Ms Michelle Chang

Serving as a parent volunteer in Crest is my way of expressing my gratitude to the teachers of Crest. They have given my children not just a holistic Secondary School education but also given them back their confidence, self-esteem and identity. Through Crest, my children have grown to be independent learners and responsible youths. This is because Crest teachers teach with their heart. - Quote from Chairman, Ms Celestine Lau

Crestans with their fathers at a bowling event:
Fathers Bowling 2019.jpg Fanny and Sharon.jpg
Crest PAL ExCo Chairperson Sharon (third from the right), and Vice-Chairperson Fanny (fourth from the left),supporting the Crest Open House 2019.

For parents who wish to join the parents’ WhatsApp chat group managed by the Crest PAL ExCo, please click on this link.
For more information, please email Mdm Tan Chia Chia, Teacher-In-Charge of Crest PAL, at tan_chia_chia@schools.gov.sg

Parent and Child Activities

IMG_9036.jpg IMG_9132.jpg IMG_9372.jpg

Some thoughts from our Crest PAL members

Cahaya.jpgCahaya was a quiet girl in primary school. Ever since she joined Crest, I see a change in her, especially in her outlook towards studies. Her mother also observed that Cahaya’s confidence level is higher now. One thing which surprised us was when Cahaya took the initiative to cook for us. Now, I see an independent and responsible girl.- Mr Mohamad Noor

“The teachers at Crest are really passionate and caring! I appreciate that they go out of the way to keep us inforThe parent-child bonding activities have most certainly brought me closer to my child.” - Mdm Sharon Tan (Crest PAL ExCo Chairperson, Year 2019-2020)

“I feel that Crest Secondary is best suited for N(T) students because of the unique curriculum that allows for more experiential learning beyond the classroom. I also like the culture of the school where emphasis is on character building and teamwork.”- Mdm Fanny Cheong (Crest PAL ExCo Vice-Chairperson, Year 2019-2020)