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Crest Alumni

Calling all Crest Graduates Pg1 cropped.jpg

Calling all Crest Graduates!

As an alumnus of Crest, you are part of the Crest Family.

We welcome you to join the Crest Alumni and be involved in school activities and events. 

By doing so, you will not only be contributing to your alma mater, but also, developing your juniors. 

In addition, you will be able to stay connected with ex-teachers and fellow alumni. 

Join Crest Alumni now!

Past Events

Sec 1 Orientation 2019 2.jpg
Sec 1 Orientation 2019 1.jpg

Alumni in Action during Sec 1 Orientation
Alumni open house 1 Cropped.jpg
Alumni open house 2 Cropped.jpg

Alumni Helping Out at the Crest Open House
Alumni Sharing 3 Cropped.jpg
Alumni Sharing their ITE Experiences with Crestans

Appreciation Dinner 1.jpg
Appreciation Dinner 2.jpg

Appreciation Dinner for Alumni

Bowling 2019.jpg
Bonding through bowling

Crest Family Games Evening 1.jpg

Crest Family Games Evening