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Meridian Twinning Programme

Partnership with Meridian International Learning Experience

 Since 2014, Crest has been on a twinning programme with Meridian International Learning Experience from Manila, Philippines. 


Crest-Meridian Twinning Programme (CMTP) 

The Crest-Meridian Twinning Programme is an annual student exchange programme for selected Sec 2 students.

The learning objectives of this programme are to:

       Immerse the students in a multi-cultural learning environment 

       Broaden students’ global outlook and deepen their understanding of the ASEAN region and in particular, the Philippines.

To learn more about this programme, you may watch the Video Montage of CMTP 2019


Due to travel restrictions, the Crest Meridian Twinning Programme took place virtually in 2021. Both schools hosted a series of online sessions for participants to learn more about Singapore and Philippines, and to interact with one another.

(Poster Credit: Sir Yuri Valerio, one of Meridian artists)

The theme for the Singapore programme was “Our Lives, As Per Normal”. We introduced the basics of our lives in Singapore, including school life in Crest, the design of our HDB estates, the multi-culturalism of Singapore, as well as the norms which have changed due to Covid19. 

Our students and teachers worked together to create virtual tours of our school, our community spaces, Jurong Lake Gardens and Yuhua Village Hawker Centre for this programme. It was a new and interesting experience for many of our students and teachers.

Group shot during eCMTP

eCMTP group 1.PNGBreakout room discussion during eCMTP

The theme for the Philippines programme was “Stronger Together”. Together, we celebrated our friendship and our similarities. United we stand! 

eCMTP PH.jpg

Crest and Meridian will journey on as friends, as Partners in Education!


Crestans making Banana Turon, a Filipino snack, to better appreciate our similarities.

Crest Meridian Teacher Exchange Programme (TEP)

TEP 2020 Day 1 1.jpg

Building on the success of our student exchange programme, Crest embarked on a Teacher Exchange Programme with Meridian International Learning Experience in 2018. 

During the TEP, staff of Crest and Meridian share teaching practices relevant to their respective subject areas and programmes, as well as learn about each other’s school culture, ethos and best practices.


In spite of the global Covid-19 pandemic, both schools continued our cross-border friendship and learning by having an online Teacher Exchange Programme where both schools conducted Professional Development sessions over Zoom for teachers to learn from one another. The theme for 2021 was “Going the Distance Together: Transcending Boundaries”. 

Enabled by technology and our commitment to our profession, in midst of Covid19 pandemic, our teaching and learning, as well as professional exchanges, continue to transcend boundaries. We wish to empower our educators and students to go the distance in these unprecedented times, by equipping them with necessary knowledge, skills, habits and mindset to last for the long haul.

Meridian shared with us on The Flipped Classroom and The Heart of the Meridian Curriculum. Crest teachers also enjoyed the privilege of sitting in a number of Meridian online lessons, to learn how the teachers engage students online. 

Crest teachers shared on The "Cresthetics” Way (Positive Classroom Practices For The Active Learner), Preparing Students for a Tech-Enabled Future, and Journeying through Life Choice with Crestans.

eTEP 2021 1.PNGeTEP 2021 2.jpegeTEP 2021 3.PNG

Our School Leaders and teachers interacting and growing with one another during our eTEP sessions.