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English Language

Ms Ruth Lim Mei Fern
Head of Department
(English Language)
Ms Daphne Koh
Head of Department
(School Staff Development)
Teacher (English Language)
Mr Lin Zhiliang
Head of Department
Teacher (English Language)
Ms Juliana Chee
Subject Head 
(English Language)
Ms Lee Woon Huey, HannahTeacher (English Language)hannah_lee@crestsec.edu.sg
Ms Amy Chan
Teacher (English Language)amy_chan@crestsec.edu.sg
Ms SurianiTeacher (English Language)suriani@crestsec.edu.sg
Mrs Pamela HoTeacher (English Language)pamela_chia@crestsec.edu.sg
Ms Hedzlyn Hazwany Binte Mohamed MahromTeacher (English Language)hedzlyn_hazwany@crestsec.edu.sg
Mr Daniel Yeo Wai KongTeacher (English Language)yeo_wai_kong@crestsec.edu.sg
Mr Lee Yue HengTeacher (English Language)lee_yue_heng@crestsec.edu.sg
Ms Siti Nurharnani Binte NaharTeacher (English Language)siti_nurharnani@crestsec.edu.sg
Ms Betty Wu May LingTeacher (English Language)
Ms Chen Yihan AlyssaTeacher (English Language)
Mr Lee Roger-EtienneTeacher (English Language)

Vision of the English Language Department

To develop Crestans into confident communicators who are able to:
  • express themselves coherently through speaking and writing
  • showcase their strengths and impress others
  • use the language meaningfully in everyday life

To achieve our vision, we teach and demonstrate the relevance of English Language in the real world context. Students are given opportunities to hone their language skills in authentic contexts such as retail shops and hotels. Lessons are designed based on sound pedagogical theories and there is standardising of curriculum across each respective level to ensure consistency and fairness in assessment.