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Student Management

Mr Muhd Sabri bin MahmodHead of Department
Ms Siti Mariam Bte Manshor
Year Head (Upper Sec)
Mr Low Chuin LiYear Head (Lower Sec)low_chuin_li@crestsec.edu.sg
Mr Tay Zhi Yang Benjamin
Assistant Year Head
(Lower Sec)

The SM Department comprises of two teams: Student Management and Counselling.

Student Management Framework / Approach
The school adopts the CREST framework for Student Management:
Care          &  Connect
Redirect   &  Restore
Enrich       &  Empower
Support    &  Sustain
Teach        &  Train

This approach takes into account various models that focuses on holistic development, intervention, reconciliation, restoration and collaboration. It also emphasises the building of quality relationship in the school community. The SM framework is explained as follows:

Care & Connect
  • We will discipline with care. Our teachers will explain the rationale behind every discipline decision.
  • We will build relations and a culture of care in our school. Our teachers will promote class bonding exercises to strengthen quality relationships between students as well as enhance Teacher-Student Relationship (TSR).
  • We will make provision for positive engagement with our students. Our teachers will provide opportunities for dialogues with our students and also platforms to showcase their talents and skills within and beyond school whenever possible.
  • We will make home-visits and work together with caregivers to better understand our students’ issues.

Redirect & Restore
  • We will show our students what is right and wrong. Our teachers will role-model positive traits and behaviours so that our students can emulate them.
  • We will redirect our students’ energy towards reconciliation when there are misunderstanding with peers or with staff. Our teachers will focus on the action and not the student when managing such cases.
  • We will allow restoration through restitution & service recovery. Our teachers will guide the our students to admit to their mistakes and to commit to making things right through such actions.
  • We will strive to eliminate resentment and build resilience in our students. Our teachers will emphasise forgiveness and not giving up when faced with difficulties and challenges.

Enrich & Empower
  • We will engage our students on our school values daily during the morning assembly. Our teachers will reinforce these values in the classroom and beyond.
  • We will collaborate with stakeholders. Our teachers will engage our partners so as to create a positive school climate and contribute back to the community.
  • We will empower our students to live out positive traits. Our teachers will assign our students leadership roles in the class, CCAs, competitions and via the VIA (Value In Action) programmes.
  • We will celebrate all forms of students’ excellence. Our teachers will recognise and celebrate both academic and non-academic achievements with all students.

Support & Sustain
  • We will provide convenient support structures to support student well-being. Our teachers will brief and assist our students when they seek financial or counselling help.
  • We will provide counseling support that enhances self-worth. Our school counsellors and social worker will help our students rediscover their self-belief during the counselling sessions.
  • We will focus on success and improvement. Our teachers will strive to catch our students doing right in alignment with the mantra that values are both caught and taught.
  • We will design and implement sustainable programmes that tailor to our student’s needs. Our teachers will track the outcomes and gather feedback from our students with regard to the effectiveness of the programmes.

Teach & Train
  • We will train our students on our school & class routines. Our teachers will instill self- discipline through the practice of routines.
  • We will model our school values. Our teachers will demonstrate and teach our students on how to live out the values effectively.
  • We will promote team effort and team-building. Our teachers will incorporate cooperative learning strategies in the classroom and celebrate team efforts among our students.
  • We will ensure that contents pertaining to discipline will have personal meaning to our students. Our teachers will explain to our students the rationale pertaining to school policies and expectations.