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Student Support

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Name Designation Email
Mr Bay Siow Lon
Head of Department
(Student Support)
Ms Celest Ling
Allied Educator
(School Counsellor)
Mr Joseph Yap
Allied Educator
(School Counsellor)
Mdm Pauline Chen Suh Shyan
Allied Educator
(Learning & Behavioural Support)
Ms Hafizah Binte Hamzah
Allied Educator
(Learning & Behavioural Support)
Ms Ismaiyah Binte Ismail  Allied Educator
(Learning & Behavioural Support)
Ms Hilda Ng Hsiao HueiStudent Welfare Officerhilda_ng@crestsec.edu.sg


CSI Marshmallow.jpgOur department is a conglomeration of helping professionals consisting of Counsellors and Allied Educators. As a newly synergised team, we seek to address the diverse learning and social-emotional needs of the student population at Crest Secondary School. Beyond co-constructing solutions with students for their immediate challenges, the Student Support Department aims to fortify the character and competencies of our students as they trek towards young-adulthood.

Counselling Support

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School Counsellors in Crest Secondary play an integral role in supporting the social, mental and emotional well-being of Crestans. As Crestans forge ahead in their quest for self-discovery, personal development and fulfillment, we as School Counsellors journey alongside them, providing essential skills and competencies needed to cope with and overcome life's challenges resiliently. Some of the key services we provide are:

1) Individual and Group counselling

2) Psychoeducation on mental, emotional and social well-being

3) Workshops and activities that suit the needs of students (self-esteem, communication skills, coping strategies, etc.).

4) Referrals to external agencies e.g. youth mental health services and family services centres.

As an expression of our indispensable partnership with parents/care-givers, we have consolidated some parenting resources for easy access (https://sites.google.com/crestsec.edu.sg/resourcesforparents).

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Learning and Behavioural Support

Photo AED(LBS).jpgAllied Educators work collaboratively with key stakeholders such as parents, teachers, school leadership team, and professionals to maximize the potential of Crestans with mild Special Educational Needs (SEN). Our passion working with young persons with SEN puts them at the heart of everything we do. We strive to create an inclusive school system, systematize and coordinate various levels of support, and design customized intervention (individual/group) to equip our students with skills beyond the secondary school years. Some of the key interventions we provide are:

               Literacy support

               Social and communication skills

               Application for Assistive Technology Devices

               Collaboration with VWOs for itinerant school-based educational support services (e.g. AWWA & SADeaf)

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