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Teaching & Learning


Our teachers’ beliefs about our students influence the way they interact with them, which in turn influence how our students perceive themselves and relate to others, their attitude towards school and their sense of self-worth.

The fundamental value underguiding our teachers’ beliefs is the care for our students. When we care for our students we affirm their self-worth, assure them that they are important to us, and commit ourselves to helping them ride the crest of personal transformation and improvement. Our teachers also embrace a growth mindset towards teaching our students by setting high, realistic expectations. With hard work and perseverance and support from the teachers, our students will be able to succeed.

Five fundamental beliefs of our teachers are:

Belief 1: 
EVERY Crestan matters.
We will create a culture of care for every student to develop holistically and to grow in character.

Belief 2: 
EVERY Crestan can learn.
We will engage and challenge every student in learning by providing a safe and conducive school learning environment.

Belief 3: 
EVERY Crestan has unique strengths and talents.
We will help every student discover his/her strengths and talents and to reach his/her fullest potential.

Belief 4: 
EVERY Crestan can succeed.
We will motivate and support every student to succeed in his/her strengths and talents.

Belief 5: 
EVERY Crestan can make a difference in the community.
We will provide opportunities for every student to contribute to the community in meaningful ways.