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Hospitality Services

Mr Lee Ching Yong
Head of Department
(Hospitality Services & Culinary 
& Restaurant Operations)
Mr Faizal B Bohari
Teacher (Hospitality Services)
Ms Koh Hwee Ping
Teacher (Hospitality Services)
Ms Ho Wei Lynn KarenTeacher (Hospitality Services)karen_ho@crestsec.edu.sg
Ms Chang Yi Ping
Teacher (Hospitality Services)
Mr Dave Yuen Wei Dong
Teacher (Hospitality Services)dave_yuen@crestsec.edu.sg
Mr Paul Ling
Teacher (Hospitality Services)paul_ling@crestsec.edu.sg
Mr Ong Chin Koon
Teacher (Hospitality Services)ong_chin_koon@crestsec.edu.sg
Ms Cherish Law
Allied Educator
(Hospitality Services)
Ms Natasha Qhalisha
Executive (Hospitality Services)
Ms Liyanah Binte SamsonOperations Assistant-

Are you aspiring to be a Master Chef? Or perhaps create a unique experience for hotel guests as a Rooms Specialist? Or go the extra mile when serving Food and Beverage?

Learn the basic skills and knowledge of the vibrant and rewarding hospitality industry by taking up the Hospitality Services program in Crest Secondary School.

Curriculum for the lower secondary levels involves two foundation modules to equip students with basic food preparation, as well as, food and beverage skills and knowledge.

At upper secondary, students who opt for Hospitality Services will get intensive hands-on learning in four core modules. These modules are Food Preparation, Customer Service, Food & Beverage Service and Housekeeping.

Students will get to develop their skills in authentic learning spaces such as the school’s commercial training kitchen, bistro and hotel room. They will get to prepare and serve food to real customers. Their skillsets will be further deepened with a 4-week industry experiential programme at leading hotels & restaurants.

Upon successful completion of this course, students can graduate with N(T) and the ITE Skills Certificate (ISC) qualification to enable them to apply and enrol in a wide range of Nitec courses at ITE.