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Assessment Matters

[new] Please click here to download the Secondary 1 to 3 Term Four Assessment Schedule.

            Please click here for the GCE N-Levels Examinations Schedule for the Secondary 4 students.


Assessment is an integral part of learning. It informs students, teachers, parents, and stakeholders of the learning progress and development of students. It also provides feedback on the students’ learning process and how learning can be improved. Hence, assessment is an on-going process and is designed to meet the needs of our students and learning community.


Types of Assessments

Termly Weighted Assessments will be conducted during lessons to gauge the learning progress of the students.

Mid-Year Taster Module Theory Tests will be conducted for Secondary 1 and 2 students.

Mid-Year Examination will be conducted for Secondary 4 students.

Preliminary N-Level Examination will be conducted for Secondary 4 students.

End of Year will be conducted for all Secondary 1 to 3 students.