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Education and Career Guidance

Who am I? Where am I Going? How do I Get There?

 ITE Joint Intake Exercise 2022 BookletThese are three essential questions our Crestans need to answer as they decide on where they want to go. These are the people and resources that can help in your child’s journey beyond Crest.

·        Education and Career Guidance Counsellor

Our ECG Counsellor, Ms Ismawati, is stationed in Crest every Monday and Thursday to guide students in making informed decisions on subject choices, post-secondary options and career directions. Parents or students who would like to get support can arrange an appointment with her.

Email: ismawati_amar_mamori@schools.gov.sg

Whatsapp: 97573266

·         My Skills Future Student Portal
This portal has a whole range of tools to help your child discover their interests and skills. They can also explore the various industries in Singapore through engaging video content that summarizes what they can do in those industries.

·         NITEC and 3-year Higher NITEC course site

·         ITE Joint Intake Exercise 2022 Booklet (link not yet created by ITE – Link will be loaded here after 17 Dec)

·         ITE Joint Intake Exercise 2022 Booklet
This booklet will help you know the admission process into ITE and the entry requirements for each course. 
 ITE Aggregate Calculator
This is the ITE aggregate calculator.