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School Suppliers

Books/Uniforms/Shoes/Socks list for 2023

Dear parent/guardian,

The 2023 price lists for school textbooks, uniforms/shoes/socks are attached for your reference. 
For non-FAS students, the school has arranged for the vendors to provide online purchase and delivery for the items. We encourage you to opt for online modes where possible to minimize the number of visitors to the school.

You may access these links to do the online purchase :
For books: www.asencio.com.sg
For uniforms and school shoes: www.shanghai-uniforms.com

For those who have applied for FAS with the school, you should have received a PG notification on 16 Nov 2022. If your child/ward is on the 3E programme, you will be notified before end November on their allocated course and hence, please do not purchase any textbooks first.

Sale dates:

For Non FAS students in 2022:
Date        Levels (2022)
1 Dec              Sec 1
2 Dec             Sec 2
5 Dec             Sec 3

Timing: 9am to 3pm

For FAS students: (Collection slips to be distributed to parents on the following days at school canteen)

Date                                  Levels (2022)
6 Dec & 7 Dec                 Sec 1
8 Dec & 9 Dec                 Sec 2
12 Dec & 13 Dec           Sec 3

Timing: 9am to 3pm

We seek your understanding and support for these arrangements.

Thank you.

2023 School Uniform Shoes and Socks Price List.pdf
Crest Secondary School Booklist 2023 1NA_Parents.pdf
Crest Secondary School Booklist 2023 1NT_Parents.pdf
Crest Secondary School Booklist 2023 S2_Parents.pdf
Crest Secondary School Booklist 2023 S3_Parents.pdf
Crest Secondary School Booklist 2023 S4_Parents.pdf

School uniforms

Dear parent/guardian,

This message serves to update you on the purchase of school uniforms.

Non FAS students

You may purchase the uniforms online via https://shop.shanghai-uniforms.com/. Uniforms will be delivered to your home address.

If you wish to purchase direct from the shop, please book an appointment with the shop first via https://shop.shanghai-uniforms.com/appointment-booking-at-ubi/.

The address of the shop is: Shanghai School Uniforms Pte Ltd, 63 Ubi Ave 1, #04-01, Singapore 408937

Bus routes Info

The information on the bus routes can be found here.