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Sports & Games Aesthetics Uniformed Groups
Clubs & Societies
(Boys and Girls)
Arts & Events Management Girl Guides Entrepreneurship Club
(Boys and Girls)
Dance Club Boy Scouts Library Club
(Boys and Girls)
Guitar Club New Media Club
(Boys only)
Pop Band
Service Club
(Boys only)
Visual Arts Club Innovation Club

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) is a key platform for character development and inculcation of values and talent development. Theses activities ranges from training sessions and team bonding camps, to external platforms for talent showcase. Crest hopes that with an exciting CCA programme, students will have a positive schooling experience.

Crest offers CCAs from 4 broad categories. These are Sports & Games, Aesthetics, Uniformed Groups, and Clubs & Societies. To cater to students’ diverse interests, every student is assigned a CCA of his/her choice.

In Crest, CCAs provide opportunities for social interaction as the activities encourage both racial and gender. Students learn to respect each other and enjoy each other’s company whilst going through the activities together. CCAs are also wonderful excellent platforms for the students to learn about leadership. The students will learn how to lead others and how to be a good team player.

Through the four-year CCA programme, Crest hopes to inspire Crestans to scale greater heights and to expand their horizon, on top of acquiring the necessary skills, values and competencies which they can apply in their daily lives.

Our CCA Achievements