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Culinary and Restaurant Operations

Name Affectionately
known as
Designation Email
Mr Lee Ching Yong
Mr Lee
Head of Department
(Culinary & Restaurant Operations, CRO)
Ms Koh Hwee Ping
Ms KohTeacher (CRO)
Ms Ho Wei Lynn Karen Ms HoTeacher (CRO)ho_wei_lynn_karen@schools.gov.sg
Ms Chang Yi Ping
Ms ChangTeacher (CRO)
Mr Dave Yuen Wei Dong
Mr YuenTeacher (CRO)yuen_wei_dong_dave@schools.gov.sg
Mr Paul Ling
Mr LingTeacher (CRO)ling_chee_kwong@schools.gov.sg
Mr Ong Chin Koon
Mr OngTeacher (CRO)ong_chin_koon@schools.gov.sg
Ms Cherish Law
Ms Law
Allied Educator (CRO)
Ms Natasha Qhalisha 
Ms Natasha 
Executive Assistant (CRO) 
Ms Liyana Binte Samson 
Ms Yana 
Operations Support Officer (CRO) 


MB19-020.jpgCulinary and Restaurant Operations (CRO) is one of the five ITE Skills Subjects (ISS) offered to Secondary 3 and Secondary 4 students in Crest Secondary School. When students select this subject as one of the two Skills Subjects to study, they will learn the basic skills and knowledge of the vibrant and rewarding hospitality industry.

CRO students will get intensive hands-on learning in two core areas. These are culinary skills and food and beverage service. Students will get to develop their skills in authentic learning spaces such as the school’s training kitchens and bistro. They will get to prepare and serve food to real customers. Their skill sets will be further deepened with a 4-week industry experiential programme at leading hotels & restaurants.

CRO image.jpgIn order for the students to discover if they are suitable and have an interest in this subject, they will be expose to compulsory taster modules in Secondary 1 and 2. Details of the taster modules are as shown below.

Taster Modules

Curriculum for the lower secondary levels involves two foundation modules to equip students with basic food preparation, as well as, food and beverage skills and knowledge.

Taster ModuleDescription
Passion to ServeThis module is taught in Secondary 1. In this module, students will learn about basic food handling and hygiene. They will be introduced to the basics of Food and Beverage services, including making of mocktails.
Looks Good Tastes GoodThis module is taught in Secondary 2. In this module, students will learn about kitchen safety and hygiene. They will be trained in basic cutting and food preparation skills

The taster modules will give students an idea of what CRO will be like in Upper Secondary if they were to select this subjects. CRO teaches the life skill of practicing good hygiene standards and cooking, while giving the students an appreciation of the Food and Beverage industry.


Authentic Lunch

Modelled after a fine dining concept, this signature programme is a collaborative effort by Secondary 3 and 4 Culinary and Restaurant Operations students. Staff and partners are invited for a two-course set meal cooked by the Secondary 3 and served by the Secondary 4 students. This allows the students to practice what they have learnt in an authentic, non-scripted environment.


Makan @ Bistro

MB19-004.jpgModelled after a casual dining establishment, this is an authentic learning event where the Secondary 4 Culinary and Restaurant Operations students cook and serve simple fare from an ala carte menu, to guests who are usually our own school staff. This allows the students to put into practice what they have learnt and acts as a lead-up to the Authentic Lunches.

SYNOPSIS OF Culinary & Restaurant Operations

Passion to Serve
(Sec 1 Taster Modules)
Looks Good, Tastes Good (Sec 2 Taster Modules) Culinary & Restaurant Operations (Sec 3 & 4 ISSC Subject)
Napkin Folding & Table SettingKitchen Hygiene & Safety
Work safely by observing good personal hygiene, safety and housekeeping rules according to the latest WSH regulations
Mocktail Making
Basic Cutting Skills & Food PreparationPrepare a kitchen for operations and perform all neceesary mise-en-place
 Basic Food Handing and HygieneFood & NutritionPrepare and cook a specified range of food dishes using various cooking methods.
  Carry out the operations in a food & beverage outlet including coffee making
  Welcome guests, take and place orders, followed by serving of all F&B items to guests
  Process payments and perform outstanding customer service to the guests throughout their dining experience
  Develop students’ interest in a post-secondary hospitality-based education