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Internet of Things Applications

Name Affectionately known as Designation Email
Mdm Siti Zainuriah Sapari         Mdm Zai   Head of Department (Internet of Things Application, IOTA & Mobile Web Application, MWA)   siti_zainuriah_sapari@schools.gov.sg
Mr Lim Ming Hui Eugene
Mr Lim
Subject Head (IoTA)
Mr Chang Choo Liang Mr Chang Teacher (IoTA)
Mr Desmond Chua
Mr Chua Teacher (IoTA)
Mr Mohammed Hafiez Bin Ali Mr Hafiez Teacher (IoTA)
Mr Lau Kia Hian Mr Lau Teacher (IoTA)
Mr Ong Cheng Soon Mr Ong Allied Educator T&L(IoTA)
Mr Jonathan Tsang  Mr Jonathan Allied Educator T&L (MWA & IoTA)


ISSC-032.jpgInternet of Things Applications (IOTA) is one of the 5 ITE Skills Subjects (ISS) offered to Secondary 3 and 4 students in Crest Secondary School.  When students select this subject as one of the two Skills Subjects to study, they will learn the skills and knowledge to deploy Internet of Things (IoT) technology for a smart home or workplace environment. As Singapore develops towards smart living and a smart nation, taking this subject will allow the students to understand how IoT works and develop students’ interest in post-secondary electronic-based education. Students who obtain a pass in this NT equivalent subject will be considered to have passed a science equivalent subject when applying to ITE courses. 

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In order for the students to discover if they are suitable and have an interest in this subject, they will be exposed to compulsory taster modules in Secondary 1 and 2. Details of the taster modules are shown below.

Taster Modules

Taster ModuleDescription
Let’s Get ConnectedThis module is taught in Secondary 1. In this module, students will learn about basic electrical and electronics principles. They will be trained to connect electronic circuitries and make it work.
Link Up The World
This module is taught in Secondary 2. In this module, students will be introduced to the wonders of internet of things applications. They will understand how to perform remote and automatic control of a robotic vehicle


The taster modules will give students an idea of what IOTA will be like in Upper Secondary if they are to select this subject. IOTA students should be able to produce basic IoT prototypes and deploy simple software applications in an authentic industrial & commercial system at the end of this subject. Most importantly, the taster modules will help the students recognise their strengths and interests so that they can make an informed choice of what ISS to specialise in when they reach Sec 3.



Our department aims to empower Crestans with the skills and knowledge to deploy Internet of Things (IoT) technology for a smart workplace environment. The student will also be to setup basic IoT prototype and deploy simple software applications in an authentic industrial & commercial system. Finally, it will develop students’ interestin a post-secondary electronic-based education.

SYNOPSIS OF IoT Applications

Let's Get Connected
(Taster Modules) 
Link Up The World
(Taster Modules) 
IoT Applications
(ISSC subject)
Understanding Electrical & Electronics Principles Understand how to perform remote and automatic control of a robotic vehicle
Work safely by observing good safety and 5S rules according to the latest WSH regulations
Connecting Electronic Circuitries
More automatic & smart control over the internet
Set up a basic wired and wireless network to enable devices to interact for control purposes.
Making circuits work
 Set up various types of input sensors and output devices and actuators so that these various I/O can interact and perform manual or automatic control via an internet gateway. 
  Set up and implement a small-scale IOT project to enable and transform a typical Home/Office into a Smart Home/Office that can be controlled via a mobile device. 
   Develop students’ interest in post-secondary electronics and ICT-based education.
  Upon getting a Pass in this ISS, the student will be recognized by ITE to have met the Nitec course minimum entry requirement in lieu of an N(T) Science subject.